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Dr Tepper Interviewed by the New Yorker

Cutting edge technology in Plastic Surgery

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3D Printing in Plastic Surgery

Dr Tepper discusses the current day uses of 3D printing technology in the Operating Room, as well as the future potential for plastic surgery procedures

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A Cleavage Trend Reveals a More Natural Décolletage for Hollywood Stars

When it comes to the Barbie-doll look, “people don’t really ask for that anymore,” said Dr. Oren Tepper

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Something to smile about: Miss New York Hopeful is Already a Winner

 Some people are just born with it –- a spirit so confident and positive that it enables them to transcend the challenges they face along their life paths.

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Cyclist gets disabled Israeli youth back on track

Damian Lopez Alfonso arrives in Israel with a mission, as he joins a charity ride with a Jerusalem hospital: Get up when you are down and don't let disability define you.

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The Long Hard Ride of Damian Lopez Alfonso

“He’s probably one of the most difficult reconstructions I’ve ever seen,” said Dr. Oren Tepper, who is treating Mr. Alfonso with Dr. Joseph McCarthy, director of plastic surgery at NYU Langone and the lead surgeon on the case.

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New Technique Allows Surgeons to Operate on the Tiniest Patients

The advantage of 3-D technology is that you can actually do surgery before you get to the operating room

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