Migraine Headaches

Migraine headache is a debilitating condition that effects millions of people worldwide. Despite numerous trials of medication and behavioral changes, many migraine sufferers fail to find relief. Surgical treatment for migraine headaches is a new option that may reduce or even eliminate migraine in a select group of patients. One possible cause of migraine headaches is compression of nerves due to tension between facial structures, such as muscle or bone, and the nerves in the face. Migraine surgery relieves this abnormal compression and removes the migraine trigger. Patients who find temporary relieve with Botox injections often are good candidates for surgery. Four key sites of compression on the face and back of the head have been found to trigger migraines.  In order to relieve compression at these sites, a small incision can be made in the scalp or in the upper eyelid (similar to what is done with cosmetic eyelid surgery). Procedures are performed in the office or at an ambulatory surgery center.