Craniosynostosis is a condition in which the bones of a baby’s skull prematurely fuse together. When one area of the skull prematurely fuses, another area will have increased growth in order to allow the brain to continue to grow normally. This results in abnormal skull shape. Occasionally, cognitive and developmental difficulties can stem from untreated craniosynostosis. The procedure to correct this condition is called cranial vault remodeling. During this operation, the prematurely fused areas of bone are removed and placed back together in a fashion that will allow the skull to grow along with the developing brain which it protects. This will also aim to correct abnormal head shape.

This procedure is performed at a children’s hospital which employs highly trained pediatric anesthesiologists, pediatricians, and pediatric nurses. It is expected that the child will first recover in a pediatric intensive care unit for close monitoring, but quickly progresses during a typical 5-7 day hospital stay. Certain activities will need to be avoided for several weeks as the bones and incisions heal completely.